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Chocolate Almond Bars

Updated: May 7, 2020

Who does not get excited over 2-ingredient no-bake chocolate-y desserts?! This recipe is as easy as it gets. It yields vegan, sugar-free bars that are also quite indulgent.

The recipe asks for two ingredients only. The bars contain significant amount of proteins, good fats and antioxidants. They can be consumed as an afternoon snack when you fancy something sweet and satisfying, and yet healthy.


  • 100 g dark chocolate (70% cacao solids, or more)

  • 100 g almond flour


  1. Melt the chocolate using the bain marie method. Allow it to cool slightly.

  2. Add the almond butter to the melted chocolate and mix until obtaining a smooth homogeneous consistency.

  3. Next, put the mixture into a rectangular tin and refrigerate for about an hour (until it firms up).

  4. Finally, cut the block of chocolate goodness into small rectangular bars and enjoy!


  1. You can make your own almond butter by processing baked almonds in a food processor until obtaining a smooth consistency. Homemade almond butter tastes amazing and can be used in variety of dessert recipes (or consumed straight our of the jar!).

  2. The bars should be kept in the fridge as (depending on the chocolate you use) they may soften up slightly and stick to your fingers.

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