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No-Bake Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse Bites

Seasonal raspberries are on their way and what a better way to enjoy them than in combination with chocolate - both dark and white. Incredible deliciousness shaped as beautiful no-bake bites.

I love everything raspberry. And I am therefore excited to share the recipe for these mouth-watering bites with you! Chocolate mousse, raspberries, and more chocolate - that is the simple way to describe these treats. Four-layered bites that require no baking, indulging dessert that is vegan and free of refined sugar.



  • 40 g oat flour

  • 40 g almond flour

  • 20 ml maple syrup

  • 10 g coconut oil (soft)

  • 10 g vanilla

  • a pinch of salt

White Chocolate Mousse:

  • 200 g coconut milk

  • 60 g cacao butter

  • 40 g cashew butter

  • 60 g maple syrup

  • 2 g agar-agar

Raspberry Jam:

  • 120 g raspberries

  • 20 ml maple syrup

Chocolate coating:

  • 50 g dark chocolate

  • cashew butter



  1. In a bowl mix all the ingredients together.

  2. Transfer the mixture to a container by pressing it down with your fingers to form the base.

  3. Refrigerate.

White Chocolate Mousse:

  1. In a bowl, add cacao butter, cashew butter, and maple syrup.

  2. In a pan, add the coconut milk and the agar-agar and mix well.

  3. Bring the coconut milk to the stove at medium heat.

  4. Once it boils, stir for a minute or two and then pour it over the rest of the ingredients.

  5. Mix well until everything is well combined.

  6. Leave the mixture to cool down, stirring occasionally.

  7. Pour the white chocolate mixture over the base and refrigerate.

Raspberry jam:

  1. In a pan, add the raspberries and the maple syrup and bring it to the stove.

  2. Let the mixture simmer for 20-30 minutes until it thickens up.

  3. Allow it to cool before spreading over the chocolate mousse.

Chocolate coating:

  1. Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie.

  2. Let it cool slightly and then pour it over the raspberry jam.

  3. Optionally, decorate with cashew butter that you feather with the chocolate (as shown in the photos).

The recipe makes approximately 9-12 medium-sized bites.

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